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A Ballot Based Streaming Service

by New Athens Creative

Storytelling is Now a Sport!



What's your favorite television show and why? What if you were able to create and own your original show while others could invest, support, and watch without the complexities of the television industry stopping you? 

New Athens Creative (NAC) is a young and talented group of entrepreneurs, content creators, and engineers with a groundbreaking idea and platform that lets you to create, view, vote, and determine the future of television and film

The NAC platform allows content creators to submit their original pilot episodes for public vote to earn eligibility for our NAC Draft. The Top 100 pilots move to the NAC Draft Pool and our Draft Picks get the budget to produce a “Dev Series” (five 22-minute episodes) that air weekly on NAC Network. 


NAC collects "watch data" and helps sell original, data-backed Dev Series to networks and streaming services on behalf of creators and subscriber investors.


The New Athens Creative ballot based streaming video service platform combines a cutting edge triple-helix blockchain front end for encrypted transactional support of views, votes, investments, and content rights with a real-time streaming cloud based content catalog. Our one-of-a-kind network structure helps to ensure that our franchise owners can promote their content, our content creators can post new pilots, and our voters can view and elevate their favorite content for draft consideration.


An AI-enabled algorithm works to ensure content is collected, categorized, and pushed to viewers based on relevant interests gathered from vote information.

Contact us now for a demonstration of our patent pending NAC platform and technology or find out more here.


Contact Us

NAC is always looking for feedback related to our service, platform or company. We encourage investors, content creators, potential draft franchise owners and those interested in what we do and how we do it to reach out to us and share your story.

If you prefer to contact us directly for additional information or to participate please reach out to our Marketing team at info@newathenscreative.com or call us at (571) 524-9125.